Always sad to hear of anyones death for whatever reason. Here are some stories of people I knew, didn’t know or influenced me in some way. Posted here as reminders of life, motivation & education. RIP

*If you are a family member and prefer I remove the link/story please let me know and I will right away.


In remembrance of racer David Oliphant.

I just heard about this through a link on Molly Camerons twitter.

I didn’t know David but he was obviously loved by many people and someone who loved riding his bike and encouraging others to do the same.  It appears that he knew about his heart condition as reported by “Oliphant, 47, had a congenital problem with a heart valve that he and his cardiologists had been monitoring for a year, said his brother, Duncan Oliphant, who was racing alongside David the night he died. Preliminary autopsy reports were inconclusive but found a thickening of the heart, the family said.” From reading some articles it seems he didn’t let his heart condition stop him from racing, riding and doing what he loved to do.

My thoughts go out to all his friends, family and anyone who was touched by his life.





Andrea Pinarello Dies After Heart Attack

Andrea Pinarello, the son of the Pinarello bicycle manufacturer founder Giovanni, collapsed and died following the opening stage of an amateur cycling race, according to reports in Italy.

Full story click this link –



Sean Collins, the founder of,  59, died Monday from natural causes, according to the Orange County coroner’s office.

His youngest son, A.J., said Collins was playing tennis at his club in Newport at about 2 p.m. when he died suddenly from a heart attack. The family was together, trying to grapple with the news.

Full Story Here –

I never met Sean but used his services for decades. From calling in to his automated phone line in the ’80’s and continue today on his current website. Thank you for letting me find the best place to surf when I usually had very little to no time to drive up and down the coast. I have great memories and hope to have more because of your inventive abilities. RIP



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