heartATTACKrider is now on twitter

But they limit the number of characters in your name so my twitter is heartattackride NOT heartattackrider…..oh well close enough and still kinda makes sense. Why twitter? I come across little things that I want to post and instead of having a zillion little bits and pieces here a thought it would be easier just to do it there and I can hopefully reach more people that way.


Why do this Blog?

What?! A hear attack! How could this happen to me?!? I was a vegan since the age of 21 (now 43), no high blood pressure, no family caridac history, never smoked, never done drugs, rarely drank alchohol (just don’t like it). I’m not scared of the doctor and went anytime I felt sick. Always physcially active, surfing, mountian biking, running, weight lifting etc…Other than a type A personality (formerly) and 25 pounds of unwanted weight there are many more likely canidates than me.

I’m not a blogger, have the need to gossip or talk about what’s wrong with the world. I’m a guy who at the age of 36 had 2 heart attacks within 24 hours. I lived to tell about it and continue to ride at virtually the same level as when my “episode” occured. During and since my 7 angiograms & 7 stents I decided that I will do whatever it takes to keep riding.

I couldn’t find, and still have trouble, finding anyone who was as young and athletic as I was who had a heart attack. I couldn’t find much about exercising or working out beyond the “Don’t go over 120bpm” mentality. So I started KEEpriding.org late in 2005. I thought if I wrote about what happened to me, that I still push myself every single day I ride, create a place for other cardiac victims to psot their experiences and post a few links and article I find helpfull I could hopefully help or inspire others.KEEPriding.org for technical reasons has now become this site – HEARTATTACKrider.

There are some days where I feel that if I ride today, try to go up that hill, or ride that far from home I will die (not an unusual thought since I almost did die while riding and later had discoverd a blocked artery while riding up a hill a year later). Those days I repeat to myself “just keep riding” you will get through this. On the other days (which is most everyday) I remind myself to keep riding because nothing helps my heart more than riding up hill, doing a 50 mile road loop or to the pharmacy to get my meds.

If you’ve had a heart attack you hopefully will find something here to motivate or supprot you. If you think there’s no chance you’ll have one, you have a lot to learn.

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I will do my best to quickly respond.



* Never try anything I do without consulting you doctor(s). I have had clearance & or testing done to determine if what I’m doing is reasonable/safe for me to try. This website is not meant as any substitute or suggestion of medical advice, It is mearly a documentation of my experience(s).