Promising 911 Treatment?

My life was saved because of a clot buster drug (not sure which one?) and while researching new innovative approaches to cardiac health I came across this article at about a new treatment for 911 patients while in route to the hospital by a “strategy to treat heart attack patients that requires lock-step collaboration among teams in the ambulance, emergency center and cardiac catheterization lab” his strategy is called PATCAR – Pre-Hospital Administration of Thrombolytic Therapy with Urgent Culprit Artery Revascularization. ” The strategy was designed to test the idea that the use of a clot-busting drug before the patient arrives at the hospital, followed by heart catheterization, reduces the chances of death in heart attack victims,” says Richard Smalling, MD, PhD, professor at UT Medical School at Houston and director of interventional cardiology at Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center.”

I would probably have never been given the drug as the paramedics said I had no signs of a hear attack. Even as I was being taken into the hospital on the gurney one of the paramedics asked ow I felt. I said ” pretty good and the same as when they first got to me. he said” You probably just over did it and are dehydrated.” My assumtion is that I called early enough before the “real” symptoms hit: nausea, chest pain, arm pain, which didn’t start until I was at the hospital. i certainly hope other hospitals hear about this and put in to action similar plans.

Here is a link to the article,


One thought on “Promising 911 Treatment?

  1. I asked my cardiologist about this story. I asked If it would be a good idea if I carried Plavix with me ( I already carry baby aspirin & Nitro spray)? She first advised against it as Plavix is a blood thinner and on the chance that I would need surgery right away it would not be a good idea to have any more than my daily dose in my system.

    I then asked if I’m riding and 2-3 hours from help would that be a problem? She thought in that instance where it would be a a few hours or more it wouldn’t be a problem.

    * Never try anything I do without consulting you doctor(s). I have had clearance & or testing done to determine if what I’m doing is reasonable/safe for me to try. This website is NOT meant as any substitute or suggestion of medical advice, It is mearly a documentation of my experience(s).

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