Reiki heals the heart of pro cyclist Hayden Roulston back to racing & the Tour of California.

 Now, I watch the races on tv  and read a few cycling blogs and mags but do not follow the peloton religiously so I was unaware of Hayden Roulsten and his condition. After watching stage 7 of the Tour of California and hearing that Hayden Roulston (Cervelo Test Team ) had come back after being told to stop racing due to a heart problem I had to find out what his condition was and how he made it back to the peloton? From what I could find Hayden was found to have a rare heart disease, arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia,  affecting the muscle of the right ventricle which can cause sudden death. Roulston was suffering shortness of breath and an irregular heart beat. 

Hayden had a random life altering meeting with a lady in a cafe who turned him to the practice of reiki, a Japanese hands-on healing process, and Roulston is now a devout follower, convinced it saved his career. “When I first tried it, I trained the next day and felt something different.” says Hayden. Having ignored doctors request he pursed the rieki treatment and last March took 4th in the individual pursuit at the world championships in Manchester and a double medal winner at the Beijing Olympics. Along with his change in diet and lifestyle Hayden believes that rieki was real key to his commback “Reiki is the the be-all and end-all for me … it’s pretty amazing stuff.” he told the New Zealand Sunday Star Times. Some bloggers I have found have been skeptical of the rieki and credit his comeback due to his cleaner living. Either way why not try all of the options at your disposal.

I know that from first hand experience with rieki, healing hands, meditation and other unknown techniques to me  I would not have been nearly as successful in my abilities after my own heart attacks without the attention to the mind and body connection that I received at various times.* Side note: I plan on writing more about my experiences with mind body healing soon.

Congratulation Hayden on your success at the Amgen Tour of California and for the inspiration I get from your unwillingness to let the medical community dictate your lifestyle and medical options.


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Promising 911 Treatment?

My life was saved because of a clot buster drug (not sure which one?) and while researching new innovative approaches to cardiac health I came across this article at about a new treatment for 911 patients while in route to the hospital by a “strategy to treat heart attack patients that requires lock-step collaboration among teams in the ambulance, emergency center and cardiac catheterization lab” his strategy is called PATCAR – Pre-Hospital Administration of Thrombolytic Therapy with Urgent Culprit Artery Revascularization. ” The strategy was designed to test the idea that the use of a clot-busting drug before the patient arrives at the hospital, followed by heart catheterization, reduces the chances of death in heart attack victims,” says Richard Smalling, MD, PhD, professor at UT Medical School at Houston and director of interventional cardiology at Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center.”

I would probably have never been given the drug as the paramedics said I had no signs of a hear attack. Even as I was being taken into the hospital on the gurney one of the paramedics asked ow I felt. I said ” pretty good and the same as when they first got to me. he said” You probably just over did it and are dehydrated.” My assumtion is that I called early enough before the “real” symptoms hit: nausea, chest pain, arm pain, which didn’t start until I was at the hospital. i certainly hope other hospitals hear about this and put in to action similar plans.

Here is a link to the article,

Ask a Cardiac/Heart Related Cycling Question.

I have tried a forum format for this site before but people seemed to be hesitant to want to sign up and go through the hassle of it all. I would love to have anyone who stops by this site be able  ask a question, talk about thier issues, ask drug questions, anything realted to your heart and riding (or exercise) is fair game. No doubt someone out there has a had a similar issue or question….So fire away