My Medications

This is a list of all my prescribed medications. Yes, even the vitamins & herbs are prescribed by my doctors.

I have listed then when I take them so you will know more than just what it is I’m.  I’ll also noted in parenthesis any other pertinent info.


Coreg, 25mg, 1x. * I tried the newer once per day 50mg and it upset my stomach, as if someone had punched me, so I went back to the 25mg 2x per day.

Plavix, 75mg, 1x

Enteric coated Aspirin, 325 mg, 1x

CoQ10, 200mg, 1x (Only 100mg is prescribed by my doctor but I take more based on my research/own choice)

Multi Vitamin (or a protein powder with a MV component if I’m having a smoothie).



Omega 3’s, 2,400g (My daily intake must at least be 5,000g)

Milk Thistle, 350mg, 1x ( Doesn’t matter when this is taken, it just easier for me at lunch). I take this as a precaution. It helps protect the liver. Since I take so many meds, it can effect my liver. I also check my liver through blood testing every 3 months.



Coreg, 25mg, 1x.

Red Yeast Rice, 1200mg, 1x (It doesn’t matter when this is taken but since cholesterol is made at night I figure take it later in the day)



Tricor, 145mg, 1x

Zocor, 20mg, 1x. Hopefully I will be off Zocor soon since I take Red Yeast Rice. My cardiologist says it does the same thing and as long as my cholesterol levels are good I won’t need it. Yes, this is controversial but my research and my doctors at Scripps & Heartwise research I believe & trust.

Omega 3’s, 3,600g (My daily intake must at least be 5,000g). Again, since cholesterol is made at night I  take it at the end the day)


Diovan, 80 mg, 1x. For blood pressure.  Started in mid Nov’08. So far no noticeable change in my BP. I have an appointment with my Doc at the end of Dec to discuss what to do.


* Updated as of Dec 13, 2008



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