My Heart Attack Stats

* Note: I still have some data to fill in-

Heart Attacks: 2

When: 08.04.01 – 08.05.01

I had 2 heart attacks in 24 hours. After be taken to the hosiptal by paramedics I started having one within a few minutes. My life was saved by getting a “clotbuster” shot. which opened my arteries up enought to stabilize my condition. While waiting for mu surgery in the morning I started to have another at approx. 6:00am.

Total Blockages: 4 (7 if you count restenosis)

(3) During my first surgery were found:1 in the ——-. 1 in the ———–, 1 in the ———–. A 4th later developed or increased in 2005 in the my ——-artery

Stents: 7

(2) the first 3 locations. Coated stents were not available at the time and so I was given normal stents within a year I had 2 more surgeries to place 3 new coated stents inside the old ones.

Angiograms: 6

#1 – 08.05.01

Whittier Presbyterian Hospital; Dr.Howad Elkin – My first one for the intial heart attack and 1 stent placed.

#2- 08.05.01:

Whittier Presbyterian Hospital; Dr.Howad Elkin – 24 hours later due to my compaining of stil having chest pain. Nothing was found and my Dr. felt that my stress was manifesting itself as chest pain.

#3 – 02.15.02:

Redondo Beach; Dr. ————– – Due to chest pain, chin pain and a cardiolight it is determined I need to have an angiogram. Since the 2 blockages had not been stented yet they put 2 in.

#4 – 02.15.02:

Scripps Green Hospital; Dr. Paul Tierstein – Due to a cardilight test it was determined that I need an angiogram which yeilded scare tissue in the 2 of the first stents.

#5 – 2.30.02:

Scripps Green Hospital; Dr. Paul Tierstein – Due to chinand chest pain I went in. Nothign was found, Even was scoped by a camera and I looked perfect. Stress attack #4

#6 – 09.30.07:

Scripps Green Hospital; Dr. Paul Tierstein – When I would ride for a long period of time at higher bpm’s (144+) I would get slight chin pain and a dry cough. At my cardiac rehab the next day I told the staff and after 15 minutes or riding a staionary biek I was getting chin pain again. I was admitted and the next morning had an expolartory angiogram where a very small bloackage——% was found and balloned. Due to the fact I work out hard and at higher efforts is the only reason I could feel this blockage said the Dr.Tierstein.

* Never try anything I do without consulting you doctor(s). I have had clearance & or testing done to determine if what I’m doing is reasonable/safe for me to try. This website is not meant as any substitute or suggestion of medical advice, It is mearly a documentation of my experience(s).

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I will do my best to quickly respond.


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